From nobody, with love

I hope you have a wonderful time here and elsewhere.

lol i forgot this existed

Mastery is little more than mastering the basics.

I consider myself as somewhat of an Aesthete, a person in pursuit of the beautiful. However, my aestheticism is like Epicurus's hedonism — it's not as grandiose or ostentatious as a masterful painting or a brilliant work of architecture. That's just pornography. The beauty I seek is simpler. One of the more beautiful things in this life is having people whom you can call family, and cherishing those people to hell and to heaven and everywhere in between. One of the most beautiful things you can be is a good parent, a good sibling, a good child. I hope you can find a family of your own, and cherish them as I do mine.

I've taken more notice of my breath, and how lovely it is to breathe. It's calmed my mind significantly, despite the sensory overload and anxiety I wrestle with daily at work. I'm always breathing, always taking in life. It's wonderful. See ya next Sunday.